What type of fermented beverages can we make at home

You can easily make very high quality wines that can be stored for long periods in your personal wine cellar. What? You don’t have a wine cellar? When you’ll start making fermented beverages at home, you won’t be able to stop and you will naturally set up a wine cellar in your home. It’s a great hobby!

Fruit and vegetable wines

But, in addition to the wine made from grapes that you can find in supermarkets or at the local wine and spirits retailer, you can also make fruit wines, vegetable wines (yes, yes!), Wines made from fresh juices sold in supermarkets, beer, cider, mead (ahhh! The drink of the Gods) and other fermented beverages that are not well covered in the media nowadays.

In fact, over the millennia, humans have tried to ferment a variety of consumer products with varying degrees of success in some cases and with excellent results in other cases. Think of all the wine grape varieties (grapes) on display.

Quality wine from $ 1.50 per bottle and apple hardcider

Personally, I like to make wine and have it in stock. I also like to make hardcider. It’s easy, it’s good, refreshing and it’s ready to drink quickly.

There are also hundreds, if not thousands, of kits on the market that cost as little as $ 1.50 per bottle and provide excellent quality products.

Craft beer

For those who like beer, you will be spoiled. There are complete encyclopedias on home beer making, involving double fermentation and even triple fermentation. You certainly have never drunk beer as good as fresh homemade beer.

This site will introduce you to the essential steps to allow you to make many fermented beverages.

The manufacture of beer is an art in itself and deserves its own category of expertise. This free guide will explain how to make beer from a kit and other types of non-conventional beers.

Fermented beverages to be consumed right away vs to be aged

Some recipes can be drank immediately after fermentation, as is the case with flat (non-pressurized) low alcoholic beverages, others will require longer aging periods. In general, alcoholic beverages improve with age.

Alcoholic beverages you can’t make at home

Do you like rum? Do you like whiskey or vodka? Do you like “moonshine” like in the TV show? Spirits can not be made safely at home.

This guide will not explain how to make it and does not recommend making it at home.

In fact, it is possible that distilling alcohol is illegal in your country without a permit. Making “strong” alcohol involves the use of a distillery and specialized equipment. In addition to the risk of fire that this implies, there is the risk of poisoning.

Because, made the wrong way, distilling alcohol can concentrate methanol and make your drink toxic. Do not try to distill alcohol at home!

The manufacture of fermented beverages allows you to reach safe alcohol levels up to about 15%, which is more than enough to water a good dinner!

Beer Experience
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